Brainstorming the Future of Legal Receptionist Services (a.k.a. Why I Started Yet Another Receptionist Service)

As a solo, I have zero time on my hands. Add in the fact that I and the primary caretaker of a two-year-old angel, I have multiple jobs and side gigs, and my wife is a medical resident, and you understand from the outset that my time is extremely limited. I have often considered hiring a virtual receptionist service. The benefits are obvious: I won’t be interrupted every 15 minutes with spam calls or unscheduled consults, I will have more time to focus on my law practice, and I won’t miss incoming potential clients who call during “off hours.” In fact, I might actually get off hours!

But then, I look at the pricing. My practice is part-time. I can’t afford to spend 2 to 3 dollars per minute, especially on spam calls. I see mixed reviews of every major legal receptionist service on my online lawyer support groups — this one charges for spam calls, this one does not, all of them are expensive, this one doesn’t meet my needs, etc.

All of that is why, when I met up with a call center back in Manila last December, I decided to push forward with a legal receptionist service. I wanted to create a service where all of my fears were allayed, and the cost was accessible to the average solo firm.

Here is what we are thinking to start:

  • flat rate per-attorney pricing;
  • half-day or full-day coverage;
  • unlimited minutes, so no worrying about overage or spam;
  • planned integration with all CRMs and intake systems, though this may be a post-launch feature;
  • coverage for your firm’s live chat, social media channels, even messaging apps, assuming there is enough demand.

I understand though that I am just one attorney, and my needs may vary from yours. What would you be looking for in a legal receptionist service? Help us plan the future and your ideal service by commenting below.

Also, coming soon: a waitlist for the first few firms to join our closed beta program!

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