Omnipotence: Strong on All Fronts

Having a website today is not enough. And while most marketing agencies — and maybe a cousin or nephew — can produce a website, if you go above and beyond to ensure that you are strong across all major marketing channels. What does that even mean? Here are a few examples:

  • Legal directories, such as FindLaw and Avvo;
  • Review sites, such as Google, yelp, and Avvo;
  • Pay per click advertising (Google Search and Microsoft Ads);
  • Regular (organic) search results, which means obscenely great website content;
Omnipotence is our lawyer advertising and software development agency — not a lawyer digital marketing agency. Quite frankly, the big lawyer website companies have sullied that latter term and we’d rather be known as a creative advertising agency anyway. Advertising is the art and science of selling. It requires creativity, psychology, connecting with primal human needs and emotions, and building trust in a service — your legal services — to generate leads and clients. The existing digital marketing agencies produce mass-produced websites, content that is churned out on a quota system simply to fill the pages, and their focus is on scaling their own business to as many attorneys as possible, rather than scaling your business to make it as big of a law firm as possible.
The read advertising agencies of old were not built on getting as many clients as possible, but instead were built on making their existing clients bigger. Branding and creative advertising campaigns built companies like GM, IBM, and McDonald’s. You may not want to be that big of a law firm, but if you want to grow, you need more than a hands-off marketing agency that pops up a new template website every two years, provides you with a few random statistics every few months as red herrings portending progress, and bills you thousands of dollars for the privilege.
We want to be different. We want to make your law firm different. We want you to stand out in the marketplace and grow, just as we want to stand out in the marketplace and grow.
When we launch this brilliant advertising agency in late 2021, we have the following goals:
  • Grow our business slowly;
  • Sign a roster of clients that are as dedicated to growing as we are;
  • We do not partner with attorneys or firms with ethics issues. Period.
  • Focus on low hanging fruit first, then play the long game of obscenely great content and SEO.
  • Stop calling clients “clients,” and instead start calling them “partners.”
  • Maintain a no-conflicts policy, just like advertising firms do. They won’t represent Pepsi and Coke, and we won’t represent two firms with the same practice area in the same market;
  • Produce outstanding work that differentiates our law firm partners from every other shingle-hanger on the street.
  • Be absolutely transparent with our partners, and grow towards the next 10 years together.

Omnipotence: Strong on All Fronts


All roads lead to "home," meaning your website. Your site is your opportunity to convey your brand, professionalism, and to connect with potential clients on a personal level.
It is also a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to "convert" potential clients with the right message and to attract more eyeballs with brilliant, informational content that powers your SEO strategy.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

For legal issues that involve urgency (personal injury, divorce, criminal defense, or litigation), pay per click (PPC) advertising is an incredibly powerful tool - when done right: narrow targeting, minimal wasted spend, and effective ad copy are hallmarks of our strategy.
As a bonus: we offer PPC on a flat fee basis - unlike most agencies, we don't charge commissions and incentivize bill padding.

Local Listings

Google Maps is, far and away, the rising star in law firm marketing. We'll work with you on getting maps listings live, optimizing them to ensure you show up more often, and on getting those pesky reviews that so many lawyers struggle with.

Branding and Print Media

Ever see a firm that charges $500 an hour, but has ugly stationary? What about those lawyers that send messages from an AOL or Hotmail account?
Branding doesn't stop on a website or business card. It has to permeate your communications: from email signatures to stationary to phone greetings and print advertising. We do it all..

Business Process Consulting

We can make the phone ring, but if you don't have the systems in place when the volume arrives, your firm will crash and burn. Disappointed clients will leave bad feedback online. It's a vicious cycle.
Our founder has worked with some of the largest legal tech companies - as an employee, contractor, or consultant - and will help you find the right software pieces to make your processes zoom along.
For example: how about an intake form that populates a database with which you can easily produce all your legal documents? That's a zero data-entry firm.
What about automating all billing - invoices, reminders, etc.? We can do that too.

Original software development

For most needs, there is an off-the-shelf solution and we'll find it. These solutions are typically low maintenance and reliable.
But, one size doesn't always fit all. And we've built custom work for firms before, such as a client intake sheet generator off Google Forms, or a California retirement account joinder generator using a legal startup's document automation platform.

My New Years' Resolution: Teach you something new each week.

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