Virtual Reception at Flat Rates including calls and chats.

Why did we build Omnipresence? After all, there are a ton of virtual receptionist services out there – Back Room Betties, Ruby,, LexReception – the list goes on and on. But, as a solo attorney, I found it absolutely maddening having to worry about paying per minute, especially with spam and robocalls running amok.

Plus, with my background in marketing and lead generation, I understood the need to be available 24/7 for phone calls and web chats. On the other hand, as a dad and husband to a doctor, that ain’t happening.

For me, a virtual receptionist service for my law firm was a must. But paying $2 or more PER MINUTE seemed downright insane. It’s almost as if most legaltech startups think, “eh, they’re lawyers. They can afford it!”

Maybe we can. Many of us can’t. And maybe, just maybe, fair pricing is more important than gouging as many pennies as possible out of the lawyers. That’s why we decided to launch with a flat-fee, pay-per-lawyer plan – and we’ll even no-charge any emeritus, of-counsel, or non-practicing lawyers and take your word for it.

Everything you need to

Be Omnipresent

Live reception services

24/7, 365, Always live. Our call center is staffed and ready to take calls, screen out junk, set appointments for consults, and we'll customize the experience to match your firm's needs.

Lead callbacks

Studies show that your odds of retaining that client skyrocket when you respond to a website inquiry within fifteen minutes - wait an hour or more, as most firms do, and your chances wither and die.

Firm feedback campaigns

Constructive criticism grows firms. And positive reviews make the phone ring. Put us to work surveying your former clients on your firm's performance - and if they love you, we'll guide them to the nearest review platform.

Live chat

Think website chat doesn't matter? How about your Facebook page's chat? Younger generations hate phone, love texting, and experience shows that firms with live chat on their websites convert more leads. .

Half Day

Here when you aren't.
$ 75
Month per attorney*
  • Because your staff can't be available 24/7, though legal emergencies don't respect closing time.

All Day

24/7, 365
$ 150
Month per attorney*
  • Perfect for the solo who is tired of answering the phone, doesn't want to deal with hiring support staff, and just wants the phones (and chat) covered.
*Plus a one-time $300 setup fee (waived for firms of three or more attorneys).


You know what FAQ is, right?

Yes. We understand data privacy concerns and legal ethics rules – our founder is an attorney as well. We’ve partnered with a call center that is HIPPA-compliant, bans personal cell phones from the call rooms, and we’ll work with your firm to implement whatever data security procedures you feel are necessary.

Our founder is in New York City, but what we really suspect you’re asking, is where are the call center agents located? Answer: Manila. Our call center is staffed with fluent English speakers (all other languages are banned on the premises, even during break time) and our call center has worked with major U.S. companies to staff their phones.

We start by getting to know your firm: your attorneys, your practice areas, and your coverage needs. We customize the call scripts so that our staff knows what to say and how to say it. (No answering the phone with, “Law firm!” ever again!) We’ll run a test call with your firm and get your feedback and as soon as you are ready, we launch.

From a technical perspective:

  • We can get you a new number to use for call center coverage (which you’d then put in your ads, website, etc.);
  • Or we can route your existing number during off-hours, all hours, whatever you’d like, to the call center;
  • For live chat, you’ll need to add Zendesk Chat to your website and Facebook page. We can handle this for you on most websites.

No. We hope to build a long-term relationship with you that starts with onboarding and continues with feedback and growth. We’ll earn your business, day after day, month after month, year after year.

I know, we hate set-up fees too. But to get you onboarded, we have to develop a call script, do technical work to connect the phone lines, add our chat feature to your website and Facebook profile, and troubleshoot all of thee above. The set-up fee covers all of this, and ensures that we don’t get too many tire-kickers.

My New Years' Resolution: Teach you something new each week.

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